Gallocanta, the crane paradise

With the first cold days of autumn thousands of cranes arrive from the north to spend the winter in the Iberian Peninsula; many of them will stay at Gallocanta throughout the winter.
Watching them against a cloudless sky tinted with red is probably one of the most beautiful of all of nature’s spectacles.
Undoubtedly it is interesting to look deeper into the characteristics and ways of life of these and many other birds that can be seen at Gallocanta.
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The call
Jordi Bas
Cranes on the Lagoon
Author: J. C. Muñoz
Drinking Crane
Antonio R. Mariscal

These are some of the different species you can enjoy at Gallocanta:

Sandpipers   Great Bustard   Avocet   Dotterel
Black-winged Stilt   Great Crested Grebe   Shelduck   Little Bustard

Photos by A. Torrijo

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