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Crane season


the lagoon in its full essence, welcomes the cranes this year as well. (...) [read more]

you can now make online reservations .


click the button " bookings " and choose according to availability and price, but Remember that we have more rooms available (...) [read more]

updated news on facebook.

hit the button I like

click on the Facebook button to access photos , videos (...) [read more]

Hello friends,


we go to the Rutland Birdfair. We will be at stand number 79, marquee 4. find us (...) [read more]

cranes have already arrived and rest in the lagoon.

dawn on October 24

2675 is the result of the last census on Thursday 25 October but since then temperatures have dropped and thousands of them h (...) [read more]

waiting for the cranes

male great bustard flying

we can enjoy watching bustard around the lake. more than 150 invidious had seen around the lake in the field close to Bello (...) [read more]


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