Allucant allots its walls and halls to craftsmen and artists keen on displaying their work.
The hall was inaugurated in August 1998 with an exhibition of sculptures by Alberto Gómez Ascaso. In the winter of that same year Carlos Pardos exhibited some of his paintings.
We hold three annual exhibitions in February, August and November and several more sporadic events throughout the year.
Winter is dedicated especially to nature themes, while for the rest of the year the exhibitions have more varied topics.
The Allucant halls have housed exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, photography, recycled paper and more, by the hands of:
Exhibitions hall

Exhibition's opening

Alberto Gómez Ascaso Charo Bravo
Carlos Pardos Maria Pilar Cantín
Javier Alonso Jorge Martínez
Pedro Jordán Lines
Javier Burguete Moratha
Nines Carleles Pilar Vicente
Carmen Lahoza    

There have also been various joint exhibitions by nature photographers, book presentations, theatrical plays, dance and musical events.

If you would like to exhibit in our hall do not hesitate to get in touch with us by telephone or by e-mail.


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