There are six double rooms with bathroom with separate access to the hostel rooms, which offers greater peace of mind for our rest. .
2 accessible rooms, located on the ground floor and equipped for the wheelchair. 
La Zaida.- double room with adequate bathroom and bed of 150 cm.
La Biblio.- situated in the old library, very bright for its two large windows.established in May 2011 with adequate bathroom and bed of 150 cm. 
2 standard rooms located on the first floor, overlooking the lake and equipped each with two twin beds of 80 cm. 
La Laguna.- with two windows on the lake, bright and sunny. Two single beds but together with the capacity to put an extra bed for couples with children. 
El Monte.- with a window to the east and overlooking the lagoon and the Gallocanta mountains. Two twin beds of 80 cm., Latex mattresses. 
2 bedroom suites built in 2011 and equipped with spacious, modern and functional bathrooms, TV, DVD and more comfortable and spacious. 
Lila Suita.- with two beds of 90 cm. but stuck together and a single sofa bed for two children. 
Red Suite.- with two beds of 90 cm. and a sofa bed built into a bunk that can accommodate a family with three children. 
Complete our double rooms offer a specialized library hall in nature with free wifi and a computer available to view online.
La Biblio
La Zaida
La Laguna
El Monte
Suite Lila
Suite Lila
Suite Roja
Suite Roja

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