We have 42 seats in a building built in 1995. We have reduced the seats to make more comfortable the service. Rooms are distributed in eight, six, four, three two pax, all with shared bathrooms
A varied offer of accommodation and prices for you to choose what suits you best:
Shared dormitories: 34 places
Avutarda.- 8 places
Garza.- 6 places
Pato Colorado.-6 places
Aguilucho.-4 places
Focha.-3 places
Mochuelo.-3 places
Zampullin.-4 places
Trundle beds: 4 places
Grulla.- 2 places
Carricero.- 2 places
Twin rooms without bathroom: 4 places
Anade.- 2 places
Avoceta.- 2 places
We also have a pleasant restaurant/dining hall for 60 people where you can eat the best homemade food with a vegetarian menu option. And always in the most welcoming atmosphere.
Night view of the guesthouse
60-seat restaurant
Cozy bar
View from the garden
Virtually visit some of the rooms at the Allucant guesthouse (2005).
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