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photo taken in may by javier maņas

come see the great bustards .. In summer Gallocanta reach a large birds easily seen around the lake. In Allucant invite you t (...) [read more]

new rooms

red suite

Discover our new comfortable rooms. Now we have six double rooms with bath: two suites, two standard with fantastic views of (...) [read more]

beautiful sunrise over the lagoon

on the morning of Wednesday

with many cranes in the lake. Migration is in full swing, a lot of traffic these days, this morning we enjoyed with Rob and N (...) [read more]

cranes resting

the cranes close to the hide in the morning

cranes resting in the fields next to the center of interpretation. They are a good place to look the cranes and can request s (...) [read more]

the long travel ..

in formation for the migration

..more than 3000 cranes have rested last night in the lagoon. Migration early this year. Sunny Wednesday, many of the cranes (...) [read more]

the first flocks of cranes

the cranes at sunset, last winter photo

come to the lagoon. Currently only a few that pass-through the clouds in heaven and rest in the lagoon. is the first stop in (...) [read more]


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