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Solar courses in summer


during the summer when the sun heats in allucant harness the energy of the sun to cook (...) [read more]

16.200 cranes

Photo taken in gallocanta in the morning of Thursday, the 3rd of December

rest in the lagoon the night before the small winters vacations begin. It was the result of the census realized by Sodemasa (...) [read more]

the cranes take place

photo by Ramiro Aibar

The cranes search food in the meadows near the photohouse of wood in the zone of the interpretation center of Bello. This one (...) [read more]

Ringed crane

Photo realized by Ramiro Aibar

white blue white, red green blue. it is what we think to see in the photo, the colors of the ring crane that appears in the c (...) [read more]

the cranes look for food

photo realized in the evening of Friday, Behind the cranes you can see the lagoon, almost dry

Thousands of cranes have passed thru gallocanta. Some of them stay in the lagoon but the majority have followed way towards t (...) [read more]

1500, 2000 or more cranes

cranes flying around the lagoon

Yesterday on October 13 it was a great day for the migration of the cranes, during the day and even in the night, hundreds of (...) [read more]


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